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VOLT: Virtual Online Training

About VOLT

VOLTThe Outdoor Amusement Business Association (OABA) and the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO) have partnered to provide the amusement industry with a now free online training platform that includes NAARSO accredited courses.

Since 2017, OABA, in partnership with Learning Zen, has been providing our members with this in-depth educational online training platform to instill the industry's common goals of safety and operational excellence. “Our partnership with NAARSO has expanded the capabilities and content for those who wish to train all their employees with free NAARSO content that can also be upgraded for an additional fee to obtain CEU credits online,” said Greg Chiecko, president and CEO of the OABA.

“Together we pledged to create the most deliverable and affordable training in the marketplace. Our goal is to put a NAARSO certification in the pocket of everyone who touches an amusement ride,” said Michael Wood, president of Wood Entertainment and NAARSO.

Pricing  - Free

Our training program is now free for OABA members who can have unlimited access to 40+ online courses, including NAARSO accredited courses. OABA is committed to developing and growing VOLT's diverse and bilingual course offerings and continues to add course content on a monthly basis including courses that count toward NAARSO credit and OSHA requirements.

VOLT participants can receive 32 hours of NAARSO accredited training (including CEU from Old Dominion University).  VOLT lets carnivals and industry professionals take control to organize, administer, and track milestones, measure growth, log certifications, and monitor the overall completion rates of the entire training process for each employee, all within the VOLT platform.

Sign Up

Current Members can signup online, or contact Tim at 413-313-3763 or timk@oaba.org


Non-member rates are available. For information on non-member rates, contact Tim Kwiatkowski at 413-313-3763 or timk@oaba.org.

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