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VOLT: Virtual Online Training

Taking Your Employee Training to the Next Level

VOLT powered by McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance

Through partnerships between OABA and McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance, we welcome you to VOLT. The course content within this online learning management system has been curated by OABA's Education Committee to provide in-depth educational training for your seasonal employees to instill the common goals of safety and operational excellence. OABA is committed to developing and growing VOLT's diverse and bilingual course offerings available to all VOLT users as an OABA member benefit.

With VOLT courses accessible online anytime on any device, you can now onboard your employees with training before their first day on the job. VOLT's robust platform can even help you upload your current training content into VOLT to create custom courses and consolidate your employee training, logging, and reporting into a single platform.

If individual online training is not the right fit for your carnival, no worries. VOLT can also be administered offline in a live group classroom setting with printed exams for employees that can be manually scored then recorded to the VOLT platform to log your employee training.
Of course, if there are course topics missing from VOLT, that you feel should covered, or you have content you would like to share, please let us know so we can add it to the platform.

Available courses


Our training program is now free for OABA carnival members who can have unlimited access to 40+ online courses. OABA is committed to developing and growing VOLT's diverse and bilingual course offerings and continues to add course content. 

VOLT lets carnivals and industry professionals take control to organize, administer, and track milestones, measure growth, log certifications, and monitor the overall completion rates of the entire training process for each employee, all within the VOLT platform.

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Current Members can signup online, or contact Tim at 413-313-3763 or timk@oaba.org


For information contact Tim Kwiatkowski at 413-313-3763 or timk@oaba.org.

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