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CARE Act (HR 1787) & RIDE Act (S4040)

The purpose of this grassroots effort by OABA is to socialize and mobilize support for the Carnivals are Real Entertainment Act – or the CARE Act (H.R. 1787) and its companion legislation in the Senate, the Restoring Industry Development in Entertainment - or the RIDE Act (S. 4040) in the 118th Congress.
Over the next few weeks, all of our members in the U.S. will receive important communication from us asking you to contact your Congressman or Congresswoman, asking them to become a co-sponsor for HR 1787, the  Carnivals  Are  Real  Entertainment (CARE) Act.

Passage of HR 1787 will:

  • Clarify an existing category of visas for foreign workers, the P Visa, which covers the entertainment industry. Carnival workers should've been included in this category years ago.
  • Solve the mobile amusement industry's most pressing issue – having enough reliable workers to operate safely at full capacity.
  • Free up about 10,000 H2B visas for the many other industries (fishery, landscaping, resorts) that also need reliable foreign labor.

    The CARE Act has bi-partisan support. It is not an immigration issue. It is a workforce issue.

CARE & RIDE Act Resources & Guidance

Congressional Outreach Guide

Within this guide, you will find information about:

  • how to find your representative
  • tips for making the call
  • follow-up suggestions
  • sample letters
  • and more!

Congressional Outreach Guide

P-Visa Talking Points & Summary of HR 1787 & S.4040

View these talking points about the P Visa.

This is a two-page document that can be utilized by you and your organization to promote HR1787 and S.4040.

Replace the IAFE logo with your own organizations logo, send to your representatives, and adopt this to best suit your needs.

Summary of HR 1787 & S.4040

You Received a Form Letter Back From Your Representative. Now What?

As OABA members are doing their part to reach out to their Representative in the US Congress to co-sponsor HR 1787, some are reporting receiving a form letter email in response. Sometimes the form letter is not even on the right topic! This document outlines our suggestions on how to respond to that form letter.

View Suggestions

Make One Call

This document is only one page, and outlines the steps you should take while making the call. Quick, at-a-glance, tips to help make your call most effective.

Make One Call

Find Your Representative

Find out who your representative is and their contact information.

Search By Zipcode

Find Your Senator

Find out who your senators are and their contact information.

Search By Zipcode

Video To Promote

Share on your social media, website, with your board members and more. This, approximately one minute, video will help you understand the importance of the CARE Act.

Download Video Watch Video

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