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A "POSITIVE CHARGE" For the Mobile Amusement Industry – “VOLT”

Since February of 2017 The OABA Education Committee Co-Chairs Marc Janas, Director, and E.J. Dean, Trustee, have been spearheading a huge, exciting education project to help many of our members who have a need for education and training of their seasonal employees. 

It will be available beginning in July, for a reasonable price to OABA members, and we are offering additional trainees, for the same price, for those members who have been recognized in the OABA’s Circle of Excellence. This online, easily accessible training platform should help many to provide a low cost, easy to facilitate, and documentation for seasonal employees.    

We partnered with Learning Zen, a company that specializes in online training for many industries, including the amusement industry. Our Education Committee has been working with industry experts to make sure we have relevant material, in both English and Spanish, mostly in video format. These short, approximately 10 minute videos and Power Point courses, with narrative, encompass the diverse yet common aspects of our industry.

We have categories such as amusement ride safety, food, games, and guest services just to name a few. As the Committee moved forward and education content, mostly videos, along with retention tests on each course, to help with employee training and documentation, are now loaded on this site.  It can be accessed via our website, www.oaba.org.    

Thanks to the generosity and funding commitments by some of the great industry suppliers, Fare Foods, Rides 4-U, Haas Wilkerson, A.R.M. and Firestone Financial, for helping the OABA with sponsorships to support this effort. We are pleased that they share in the common goals of safety, education and operations excellence.    

Our OABA Board has been asked to test this new member benefit in June with the intent of this site being rolled out to the industry in July.  To learn more or to enroll in the Virtual Online Training Program, simply go to the "VOLT" link on the OABA website or contact Sue Gallup, Administration/Member Services Manager at 407-848-4958, for more information.  We look forward to your feedback and we have plans to continue to add educational content.

So, get a "JOLT" with "VOLT" and take advantage of this new OABA member service!



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