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Florida Week Events
Florida Week Events
February 14-18, 2022


February 14– February 18

Tampa & Gibsonton, Florida


Monday, February 14

    5–9pm                   Fare Foods Food Show


Tuesday, February 15

    3–9pm                   Fare Foods Food Show

    10am – 5pm          IISA Trade Show Opens – Gibsonton


Wednesday, February 16

      9am–11am            OABA Government Relations Committee Meeting – Sheraton Hotel

                                    Committee and Board Members only.
      10am – 5pm          IISA Trade Show – Gibsonton          
      3–4pm                   OABA Reception Honoring 2022 Hall of Fame & Pioneer Recipients. 
                                                 IISA Carnival Museum, second floor.  Open to all.
      5–6:30pm              NICA Membership and NICA Foundation Annual Meetings
      6:30–7:30pm         Cocktails
      7–10pm                 Gala Dinner and Event


Thursday, February 17

      830–9:30am          OABA Board Breakfast with Sponsors – Sheraton Tampa East Hotel (Salon 1)

      9:30am–Noon       OABA Board Meeting – Sheraton Tampa East Hotel (Salon 2 & 3)
      10am – 5pm          IISA Trade Show – Gibsonton
      12:30–2pm            MAI, Inc. OABA-Duke Smith Memorial Education Fund Board & Scholarship Meeting - Sheraton (Palm) 

      7–10pm                 6th Annual OABA Top Golf H-2B Advocacy Fundraiser –Tampa


Friday, February 18 

      9:30 – 10:30am     SLA Scholarship Committee Meeting - Sheraton

      10am – 5pm          IISA Trade Show – Gibsonton
      10:30 – 11:30am   SLA Board Meeting - Sheraton
      6–9:30pm              OABA's 57th Annual Member Meeting and Chair's Reception -                                                          

                                        Sheraton (Ballroom) All OABA members welcome – RSVP Required

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