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Circus Ring of Fame announces 2023 Ring finalists
Circus Ring of Fame announces 2023 Ring finalists
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SARASOTA, FL – AUGUST 3, 2022 (SNN TV) - The Circus Ring of Fame Foundation announced Wednesday the top ten (10) finalists for the class of 2023. Voting to select three (3) Circus Ring of Fame inductees will commence on Wednesday, August 3 beginning noon EDT. The online voting will close September 5, 2022 at midnight. The induction ceremony will take place Saturday, February 4, 2023. “This year the nominating committee was very thorough in its deliberations,” said Bill Powell, Chair of the Foundation. “We believe the candidates are all worthy of consideration but only three will be the deserving inductees representing the highest of achievement in circus arts and culture,” he noted.

The Circus Ring of Fame final top ten nominees are:

1. The Alexis Brothers – Marco and Paulo Lorador have performed their artistic hand balancing to millions of fans worldwide, including Queen Elizabeth and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

2. Circus Hermanos Vazquez Family - Producers of the highly successful Circus Vazquez and Flip Circus. The Vazquez brothers started in Mexico in 1969 and their show has grown into one of the top traveling circus operations in America.

3. Sacha Houcke Family – This multi-generational European circus family is considered circus royalty. The Houcke family, and their animal partners, performed with every major show in Europe and toured more than a decade with Ringling. Sacha created the center ring Living Carousel at Ringling and Sara was featured as The Tiger Whisperer. The Family won multiple accolades at festivals, including the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo.

4. Jeanette Williams – Jeanette comes from Germany’s famous Circus Williams family. She performed with liberty horses and assorted animals in Europe and the USA. Jeanette later owned her own show in America and became a prominent booking agent for circus arts talent.

5. David The Bullet” Smith Family – David “The Bullet” Smith is the heir to the throne of being the world’s most accomplished Human Cannonball. David currently holds five Guinness World Records for the highest cannonball shot and the farthest cannonball shot, having broken his own record three times. Most recently he was featured on America’s Got Talent Extreme.

6. Wayne McCary – Highly regarded circus producer as well as fair and exhibition executive. Over more than 30 years Mr. McCary produced many Shrine Circuses and the circus at the Eastern States Exposition (The Big E). His accomplishments received recognition in John. H. McConnell’s “A History of the Shrine Circus” and Robert L. Parkinson’s “Directory of American Circuses 1793-2000.”

7. Marco and Philip Peters – The Peters brothers started their careers in the circus arts in Europe before coming to America as a feature attraction on Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey. Marco and Philip performed incredible daring feats on a rotating sky wheel 40 feet in the air and are credited with inventing the double sky wheel. They performed with Bengal tigers in one interpretation of their sky wheel performance. 

8. Father Jerry Hogan -- Father Hogan, a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston for 46 years, served for three decades as the national “Circus Chaplain” under the direction of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Father Jerry was frequently on the road ministering to different circus troupes and performers. He was a fixture in the circus world and loved by thousands.

9. Peggy Williams - Peggy Williams’ contributions to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey and the circus industry literally made history. In 1970, she became the first female graduate of Clown College. In 1980, Peggy distinguished herself again by becoming the first woman assigned as performance director in the companys history for the Special International Edition of The Greatest Show On Earth that visited Japan. Peggy also worked to create Ringling’s Department of Education Services.  Under her leadership Circusworks was created and gained national attention as educators entered into the world of Ringling’s cultural heritage and then created lesson plans that they took back to their students.   
 10. Eva Williams - From her early beginnings as a star artist on the high wire to her acrobatic talents performing with multiple animal species the circus has defined Eva Williams.  After Eva’s performing career, she became a prominent agent booking talent on productions around the world. She continues to contribute to the industry and proudly supports the circus arts.

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