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BUSSINK R80XL Dream Wheel Grand Opening April 13th
BUSSINK R80XL Dream Wheel Grand Opening April 13th
American Dream and Skyviews of America's highly-anticipated BUSSINK® R80XL Observation
Wheel, which provides a view of Manhattan's iconic skyline for visitors of the American Dream
complex in East Rutherford, will open April 13.

The Dream Wheel, will take guests up on a 30-minute, 300-feet high ride with sweeping views of
the Manhattan skyline, the Hudson River and the Meadowlands.

The massive wheel has 27-climate controlled gondolas. One gondola can hold up to 16
passengers for a 30-minute rotation. There will also be VIP ticket "experiences" with seating for
six at a time in a gondola with premium seating and "upscale décor."

The observation wheel will be open seven days a week and be available for private events. Ticket
prices have not been made available yet. A smaller Observation Wheel operated by Skyviews in
Miami charges $17 plus tax for general admission.

Guests can bring confections from Deep Fried Love — an elevated food unit offering a gourmet
approach to carnival favorites such as Deep-Fried Oreos, Nutella Funnel Cake and Fried Twinkies
on board for their 30 minute ride.

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