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Animal Legislative Updates - January 6, 2022
Animal Legislative Updates - January 6, 2022
from the desk of Vanessa Gagne


A hearing is scheduled for next week regarding a tiger show that will be on the Las Vegas Strip.  The tigers are owned by Jay Owenhouse who will use them in a magic and illusion style show.  A facility is being built to house the tigers while they are in Vegas for the shows that includes natural substrate, a waterfall, and pools.  Please help support this animal show by attending the virtual meeting OR writing/calling in your support.  Information for the meeting can be found here

As the new year develops the list of new bills and hearings grows.  You can stay informed by checking the active bills list at www.grassroots.circusfans.org



2 young Asian elephants die days apart at US zoo

Animal rights activists pressure México City congress to ban bullfights

Switzerland to vote again on animal testing ban

Justice Department Ensures Jeffrey and Lauren Lowe Are Permanently Prohibited from Exhibiting Animals and Terminates Their Interests in Seized Animals
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