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Animal Legislative Update - September 29, 2022
Animal Legislative Update - September 29, 2022
from the desk of Vanessa Gagne


Alameda county California - the rodeo ban was omitted from the new proposed language. The event, “Wild Cow Milking”, will not be allowed at future gatherings.
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Swiss reject initiative to ban factory farming

How do manatees and turtles stay safe in the storm?

Governor Newsom Signs Legislation to Protect Animal Welfare

Animal Rights Activists Call for ‘Carriage-Free’ Philly

Utica Zoo temporarily closes over lapsed USDA license

Activist Smashes Butchery, Poisons Animal Flesh
Note: This is an activist site. Animal Liberation Front is taking credit for vandalizing a butcher shop and poisoning all of the meat inside, rendering it inedible. The irony of making the food into useless waste and the animal’s death in vain, is totally lost on them.

Dolphins keep dying at Las Vegas attraction. What will happen to the seven still there?

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