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Animal Legislative Update - September 14, 2023
Animal Legislative Update - September 14, 2023
from the desk of Vanessa Gagne


USARK  Florida chapter did not win their lawsuit against FWC and plan to appeal the decision. This is over a list of prohibited species that has led to confiscations and the inhumane euthanasia of several snakes this past spring.

No identifiable relationship between deaths of 12 horses at Kentucky racetrack, investigation says



Profit Over Pets? New Report Finds ASPCA and HSUS Shortchange Local Pet Shelters

Reptile, amphibian regulations to soon change following efforts of Topeka Zoo

Profits Over Puppies? ASPCA and HSUS Give $0 to Michigan Shelters

Botswana Blasts Hunting Critic, Says Elephant Killings Are Negligible
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