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Animal Legislative Update - October 20, 2022
Animal Legislative Update - October 20, 2022
from the desk of Vanessa Gagne


Peters and Portman Bipartisan Bill to Protect Pets and Other Animals During and After Disasters Signed Into Law
S. 4205, the Planning for Animal Wellness Act or the PAW Act, was signed into law by President Biden Tuesday.
This bill directs the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to establish a working group relating to best practices and federal guidance for animals in emergencies and disasters.
Specifically, the working group shall (1) encourage and foster collaborative efforts among individuals and entities working to address the needs of household pets, service and assistance animals, and captive animals in emergency and disaster preparedness, response, and recovery; and (2) review best practices and federal guidance on sheltering and evacuation planning relating to the needs of such pets and animals.”
Lawsuit Seeks to Force USDA to Recognize Its Authority to Take Possession of Animals When Agency Revokes Licenses
An animal rights case could impact federalism and weaken the Constitution



‘Why are you beating zoos up?’: Owners respond to animal welfare group’s critical report
UW ordered to pay PETA $540K in lawsuit over primate research
Elephant conservation may be undermined by Twitter users who overlook main threats
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