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Animal Legislative Update - May 4, 2023
Animal Legislative Update - May 4, 2023
from the desk of Vanessa Gagne


NEXT WEEK - Open meeting at Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC)
From USARK: We encourage every Florida animal owner to email the Commissioners regarding the “whitelist” proposal that will be heard during the May 11 Commission meeting. Comments must be submitted by 5:00 on Friday, May 5. Please remember to be civil and professional, but feel free to make your concerns known.
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The town of Denison, IA, recently posted a backyard chicken ban so I decided to look further into it. Turns out it would have put in place all sorts of exotic animal pet bans, including ferrets, and put a pet limit on even aquarium fish! Luckily, the head of their animal control was able to put some sense into the heads of city council before any long lasting damage was done. While it’s important to have an agreed upon law for residents, blanket bans never work - they simply drive things underground.



Man pleads guilty to trafficking turtles used for illegal pet trade, authorities say

Shining a light on dark web wildlife trade

Horse racing-Churchill Downs cooperating with investigation after four horse deaths
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