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Animal Legislative Update - May 11, 2023
Animal Legislative Update - May 11, 2023
from the desk of Vanessa Gagne


Proposal to expand exotic animal sales ban in New York advances

The PAST Act has been reintroduced

Heated exchange foreshadows FWC invasive species debate
The meeting was held today in Miami. This is the update from USARK and USARK FL:
Good News! We packed the house and the FWC Commissioners have heard your voices. They did NOT vote on the Draft rules implementing Whitelist systems that were hastily posted in the hours before this meeting.
The new Executive Director Colonel Roger Young will be allowed the opportunity to address this issue. We look forward to working with Colonel Young and FWC Staff in hopes of creating fair regulations that work for Florida's animal keepers and our environment.
"Option 1" and "Option 2" were serious threats to animal keepers. Our recommendation is a third option which would expand the successful Conditional Species Permit System.
FWC Commission Meeting
Watch live
Stayed tuned for "Items not on the Agenda" later in the meeting.



Petaluma animal rights activists still don’t know when they’re going to trial

Spate of exotic bird thefts leaves SoCal parrot lovers on edge

Petting zoo guest ‘acted inappropriately’ in incident with lemur, Oklahoma park says

Dallas Zoo elephant dies
7 year old Ajabu had already fought off the highly lethal EEHV a couple of years back. This time he succumbed to it.
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