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Animal Legislative Update - March 23, 2023
Animal Legislative Update - March 23, 2023
from the desk of Vanessa Gagne


Bill to ban exotic animal performances gets new hearing 3/30, work session 4/3
OR HB 3214 had a hearing on 3/16 but not all who signed up to testify were able to be heard during the time allotted.
Please help us oppose this bill, as it will affect educational programs as well. The language could also impact rodeos, 4H, and FFA at fairs.
USARK has an easy way to submit your opposition OR go to the OLIS website

NYC council has a new bill to regulate elephant captivity within the city in an effort to force the Bronx Zoo to give up their two remaining elephants. This is after the courts did not grant habeas corpus to Happy in the NonHuman Rights Project lawsuit.
City Council mulling bill to remove elephants from Bronx Zoo



US Animal Welfare Organization Calls for Shipment of 1,000 Lab Monkeys Not to Be Returned to Cambodia

Puma and Nike's plans to phase out kangaroo leather misguided, industry stakeholders say

Outside experts brought in to evaluate care at Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Independent assessment of Lucy the elephant reveals ‘new medical information’: City of Edmonton
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