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Animal Legislative Update - June 9, 2022
Animal Legislative Update - June 9, 2022
from the desk of Vanessa Gagne


Giraffes are one step closer to federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. What is being called, “The Silent Extinction”, the loss of giraffes across the continent of Africa has gone largely unnoticed. Some areas have seen a 95% decrease in giraffe population.

USDA APHIS has opened public comments on their 5 year Strategic Plan Framework. Please submit comments that support animal ownership.

Clashes grow between activists, Griffith Park pony ride customers


Manatee County Commission Denies Rezone for Controversial Circus in Oneco

‘Tiger King’ Star ‘Doc’ Antle Arrested by FBI, Charges Not Formally Announced

Platinum Jubilee: Animal rights activists protest at Epsom Derby as Princess Anne watches races

Walmart drops coconut milk amid monkey labor allegations

Movie star chimp is found in Missouri basement after owner faked its death, PETA says
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