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Animal Legislative Update - January 12, 2023
Animal Legislative Update - January 12, 2023
from the desk of Vanessa Gagne


USDA APHIS proposed rule changes for Class C licensees regarding animal classifications (danger to handlers and the public), classifying different types of human-animal interactions, staff training, and environmental enrichment. Public comments will be accepted until 3/10/23.
United States: APHIS Initiates Rulemaking On Handling Of Wild And Exotic Animals

The proposed ban started last year when a free roaming alligator was found in a vineyard in Loudoun County, Virginia. An information session was held 1/5/23. Comments are sought regarding the proposed rules
Loudoun County Seeks Comment on Exotic, Venomous Animals Ban



Statehouse bill draws concern from animal advocacy groups
Indiana breeder bill seeks to uplift those that have best practices in their kennels and weed out others with the specific goal of not painting all dog breeders with the same brush.

What causes elephant poaching?

FDA no longer needs to require animal tests before human drug trials

Challenges to growing animal welfare restrictions found ‘largely unsuccessful’

Historic structures at Griffith Park pony ride may hamper city’s plans
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