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Animal Legislative Update - April 28, 2022
Animal Legislative Update - April 28, 2022
from the desk of Vanessa Gagne


Please help us oppose CT HB 5293, An Act Prohibiting The Use Of Wild Or Exotic Animals In Traveling Animal Acts. This bill would negatively impact Mr. Commerford, who brings his animals to the Big E every year. This bill has unexpectedly moved forward; originally it was going to be tabled. The animal group in the Connecticut Senate is doing its best to move it forward. The only exemptions are for AZA or GFAS facilities - GFAS facilities do not ever perform offsite programs as per their definition of sanctuary. If passed it would take effect July 1st of this year.
Please send opposition or call and oppose to the House leaders



The animal rights elephant in the room

Animal Rights Activist Tackled, Detained After Running onto Court at NBA Playoff Game
Animal Rights Activists Want Glen Taylor Removed as T-Wolves Governor After Protests

Circus coming to Cumberland Fairgrounds despite worries over animal treatment
This just goes to show that even after removing exotic animals from circus performances, animal rights extremists will not stop until all animals are removed. Now they want the horses, dogs, and camels out of the shows in Maine.
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