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Animal Legislative Update - April 13, 2023
Animal Legislative Update - April 13, 2023
from the desk of Vanessa Gagne


  • Florida Fish and Wildlife has stepped out of bounds yet again when it comes to private animal ownership. Last week they killed some pythons a man had after a rule from 2021 made them illegal to keep. He was able to rehome many of them but could not find homes in time for the remaining snakes. The FWS officers mistakenly killed a legally kept snake that was gravid and owned by another reptile keeper. Understandably the reptile community is upset and demanding an investigation into the matter and FWC as a whole. FWC has been notorious for subjective enforcement of the law and working closely with HSUS the past few years. You may read the official press release from USARK FL below, but be warned, the video is graphic and depicts dead animals.



Uruguay’s gaucho rodeo challenged by animal rights activists               

USDA suspends license of major Iowa dog breeder with a history of violations           

Texas dairy explosion leaves at least 18,000 cattle dead, 1 person critically injured

Rural Media Group and the PRCA are expanding rodeo on TV through 2028

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