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Animal Legislative Upate - October 7, 2021
Animal Legislative Upate - October 7, 2021
from the desk of Vanessa Gagne


Columbus Zoo loses accreditation over animal program, leadership issues, but plans appeal
The wrongdoings of management should not be taken out on the keeper staff of the zoo, many in the zookeeping industry have expressed.  It is through the hardwork and dedication of the zookeepers that Columbus Zoo acquired and maintained their AZA accreditation, not by what management was doing in their own free time. 

Mass. Lawmakers Consider Changes to Animal Welfare Law to Avoid Egg Shortage
The ripple effect of passing Massachusetts Question 3 back in 2018 is costing farmers and consumers time and money and is leaving lawmakers scrambling to pick up the pieces.  Here is a link to the original proponent article stating that the increase of the price of food for low and middle class families is worth it.

Robeson County, North Carolina has proposed a ban on certain reptiles and “wild and dangerous animals.”

Please help us oppose this ban.  The hearing is on November 1st.  Thank you to USARK for the information.


Bailey: We have animals to thank for mRNA vaccines

Commentary: America’s Supply Chain Truck Wreck

The DMD Heroes of Texas A&M

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