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  • Wed, February 01, 2017 1:22 PM | Deleted user

    The Outdoor Amusement Business Association, (OABA) recently recognized the following members as meeting some of the highest standards of safety, quality and service in the outdoor, mobile amusement industry, having recently achieved the coveted OABA’s Circle of Excellence recognition for the years 2016 through 2020. This recognition was presented at the IAFE Awards Gala, on Wednesday, November 30th , in Las Vegas. 

    Carnival Recipients
    GoldStar Amusements* - Mike & Connie Featherston
    Mighty Midway & Kidway* - MN State Fair
    Ray Cammack Shows* - Guy & Charlene Leavitt
    Strates Shows – James E. Strates 

    Concessionaires & Attractions Recipients
    Alamo Amusements* – Patrick Sheridan
    Armstrong Concessions – Gary Armstrong
    Australian Foods* - Carmel Dyer
    Bishop Amusement Rides* - Jim & Nancy Bishop
    Cassata Concessions* - Tony Cassata
    Cavallaro Concessions – David Cavallaro (New Recipient)
    Fun Biz Concessions – Nathan Janousek (New Recipient)
    Giant Slide* - Fred Pittroff
    JoyRides Inc. – Joyce Hutchins (New Recipient)
    Lee’s Concessions – Mike & Connie Featherston
    Lopez Concessions* - Chris & Jody Lopez
    Mad Hatter Concessions* - Michael & Kristin Ousey
    Morton Concessions* - Bill & Deborah Morton
    Netterfields Popcorn & Lemonade – Ron & Kim Netterfield
    Odyssey Foods* - Dominic & Kim Palmieri
    Ribco Enterprises – Brad Ribar
    Schroder Concessions – Brad Schroder
    Showtime Rides – Nick Pelino
    Sixth Generation Rides – Bryan Creason
    Solem Concessions – Jeremy Solem (New Recipient)
    State Fair Services* - Mike Demas
    T.J.’s Ice Cream – Rob & Tassie Jundt
    Trinity Concessions – Ben & Joy Pickett
    Wood Entertainment – Michael Wood 

    Through independent, third-party audits and criteria established by the OABA’s Excellence Committee, these members scored highly and exceeded generally accepted industry practices and standards in their midway presentation, operations, concessions, human resources, and other criteria, to improve the overall public perception of their business. This program brings into play the fundamental principles of the OABA’s Foundation for the Future program, which is a strategic vision and an ambitious set of industry goals, with the purpose to educate and produce change. As members of the OABA’s Circle of Excellence, these companies have improved the business climate and guest satisfaction for their fairs, festivals and other event sponsors, while enhancing the public’s perception of the mobile amusement industry. 

    Please join the OABA’s Board of Directors as well as the IAFE's Board of Directors in recognizing them for this extraordinary achievement. These companies continue to strive for operational excellence and the highest level of guest satisfaction in the mobile amusement industry. 

    The OABA is the largest industry trade organization representing members of the mobile amusement industry, primarily in the United States and Canada, for over 50 years. Serving over 2,500 members in this generational, family industry of carnivals, food and game concessions, independent ride owners, and the circus industry, the OABA provides educational programs, promotes and advocates on behalf of the mobile amusement industry, and provides members with up-to-date communications via publications, electronic news and social media networks on relevant, news worthy topics of interest.

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  • Wed, December 14, 2016 4:34 PM | Deleted user

    Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity Members and others interested in changes to the overtime rules,

    Here is the latest overview of where the overtime regulation stands, and some thoughts about what might be coming in the New Year.


                    As you know, the regulation is currently blocked by a preliminary injunction (PI) issued by U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant on November 22.  The federal government has filed to appeal this PI to the 5th Cir. Ct. of Appeals and their motion for expedited consideration has been granted.  Under that request, the last briefs will be due January 31 with oral arguments to follow at a yet to be determined date, with a decision after that.  The key point is that this appeal will carry over into the Trump administration and the new administration will have to decide whether to continue with the appeal (i.e. defending the regulation), or abandon the appeal and let the injunction stand.

                    Still pending before Judge Mazzant is the business groups’ Motion for Summary Judgment.  If Judge Mazzant grants this motion, it would result in a permanent injunction and moot the appeal of the PI, forcing the government to reinitiate an appeal of the permanent injunction. Obviously, such an appeal would also carry over into the Trump administration.

                    The AFL-CIO will be petitioning to intervene in the case at the District Court level. This is a petition that must first be granted by the judge, and would not alter the underlying legal posture of the case—the PI would remain, and the arguments would not change. The only impact is that if the Trump administration does not continue the appeal, there would now be a party who could.


                    While the House adjourned on Thursday, pro forma sessions have occurred, which means the opportunity to subject the overtime regulation to Congressional Review Act consideration in the next Congress (under the CRA, if a house of Congress adjourns before the 60 legislative day for consideration of a regulation expires, that regulation may be taken up in the next Congress within a 45 legislative day window) is still fluid. 

                    One question that will have to be addressed if a CRA resolution is possible is how to handle the CRA’s prohibition on the agency issuing a regulation that is in “substantially the same form.”  The CRA provides that such a regulation can be issued only if Congress enacts specific authorization after the resolution of disapproval.  What exactly constitutes a substantially similar regulation is unclear as this phrase has never been tested.  Any legislation specifically authorizing a new regulation would have to move without the privileged procedure of a CRA resolution. It could also include specific provisions such as blocking any regulation that included an automatic update.

    Incoming Trump Administration

                    When the new administration takes office after January 20, this regulation will be one of the first items with which it will have to deal.  As noted above, the most immediate question will be whether to continue defending the regulation though the legal appeal process.  If the new administration declines to continue the appeal, it would no longer be a party.  If the AFL-CIO (or another outside party) is granted intervenor status, the appeal would continue to some final resolution.  If no other party is granted intervenor status, and the government declines to pursue the appeal, then the injunction would stand and the regulation would remain blocked.

                    If the regulation is permanently enjoined, then the next question faced by the new administration would be whether to pursue a revised overtime regulation.  While Secretary of Labor nominee Andrew Puzder has spoken out strongly against the Obama Administration overtime regulation, we do not yet have any indication about what approach the new administration would take with regard to a new overtime rulemaking.

    Bottom line: the rule is blocked from going into effect until further notice.  Any change in that status cannot come until sometime in February at the absolute earliest, and likely later than that.   There are no signals yet as to how the incoming Trump administration will respond to the legal challenge, or whether it will pursue a new regulation. 

  • Thu, September 22, 2016 12:52 PM | Deleted user

    Support OABA’s PAC with a Donation to Help H-2B Workforce

    The OABA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) fund helps carnivals, independent ride owners and concessionaires support federal elected officials who are involved in the passage of critical legislation related to the mobile amusement industry, including the seasonal, guest worker program, known as the H-2B visa program for foreign employees.

    • This seasonal employment program is good for America’s fairs and preserves American jobs!
    • Through our professional lobbyists in Washington, DC and other industries that comprise the H-2B Workforce Coalition, we make PAC campaign contributions for Members of Congress who engage with us to address the need for additional seasonal workers for small, family businesses.  Currently much of the focus is on the Returning Worker Exemption, which allows for additional H-2B visas beyond the current 66,000 cap for all industries.
    • All candidate contributions are approved by the OABA’s Board of Directors.

    Please help the OABA with a personal donation of $50.00, $100.00, or more, by clicking on the OABA PAC logo, to complete the form and make a donation, with a personal Visa or MasterCard.

    “In Washington you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. OABA represents the mobile amusement industry in DC, through our lobbyists, on H-2B seasonal, guest workers. We fight hard for what we need.” – Michael Wood, Wood Entertainment, OABA Chair 2015

    “Many of our fairs and expositions know the importance of having a mobile amusement operator and concessionaires who are committed to providing outstanding guest satisfaction. The work the OABA does, with its lobbyists to provide seasonal, guest workers in H-2B visa program, helps all of us work effectively and efficiently to insure American jobs and promote the growth of our fairs.” – Marla Calico, President & CEO, IAFE

  • Tue, September 20, 2016 11:43 AM | Deleted user

    The OABA will award four scholarships for $445 each to attend this safety inspection forum.  To qualify, you must be an OABA member and a first-time attendee to this safety education and certification program. Preference will be given to Ride Superintendents, Inspectors and/or Maintenance personnel.

    Please return via FAX by January 9, 2017 to the OABA at (407) 681-9445 or via email to: oaba@oaba.org.


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