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  • Mon, March 27, 2017 2:35 PM | Kristin Shenk

    Adam Forepaugh-Barry “Grandma” Lubin Tent #2

    Emmett Kelly-Bello Nock Tent # 41

    Dutch Treat Gathering


    Restaurant Duncansville PA

    (Order form the menu)

    Friday, April 7, 2017

    3:00 P.M.


    Jaffa Shrine Circus

    Show times are

    11:30 A.M and 7:00 P.M.

    There are still a few tickets left for the 7:00 P.M. show

    in section J.

    You may order your tickets on line or by phone 814-944-5351


    Make it a 2 circus weekend, stay overnight at the Comfort Inn

    and attend the Pittsburgh Shrine Circus

    Saturday, April 8, 2017

    Show times 10:30 A.M., 2:30 P.M. and 7 P.M.

    See the spring Around the Curve for more information


    Looking forward to seeing everyone after a long winter.

               Larry McKee, President, Forepaugh-Lubin Tent #2








  • Fri, March 24, 2017 4:53 PM | Kristin Shenk

    BREAKING: ACA Repeal Bill Pulled From House Floor

    House Republicans on Friday called off a vote to repeal and replace much of the Affordable Care Act, a dramatic setback after President Donald Trump shut down negotiations and tried to force the legislation ahead.

  • Fri, March 24, 2017 4:51 PM | Kristin Shenk

    Trump’s Labor Nominee Grilled on Overtime Rule


    President Trump’s nominee to head the Labor Department, Alexander Acosta, suggested in a Senate confirmation hearing yesterday that he would not support the overtime rule put out last year under the Obama administration. Acosta told the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee that, if confirmed, he would follow Trump’s instructions that Cabinet members review all existing regulations for possible elimination or modification.   READ MORE

  • Fri, March 24, 2017 4:50 PM | Kristin Shenk

    2018 Gibtown Trade Show Reduced to 4-Days
    The International Independent Showmen's Association announced that the 2018 IISF Gibtown Trade Show and Extravaganza will be reduced to a four day show, opening Tuesday, February 6 and concluding on Friday, February 9, 2018.  In recent years, the show opened on Tuesday and closed Saturday, however, many vendors felt that reducing the total number of days would be more beneficial.  The 2018 trade show marks the shows 50th anniversary.  More information on the IISF Trade Show can be found on the IISA's web site at www.GibtownShowmensClub.com.

  • Mon, March 20, 2017 1:44 PM | Kristin Shenk


    Denny Bartokik     WayneWayne Pierce      Al DeRusha  

    OABA Recognizes New Inductees to Hall of Fame and Industry Pioneer Leaders for 2017

     During the Outdoor Amusement Business Association’s 52nd Annual Meeting, three industry leaders were added to the legacy of the mobile amusement industry’s Hall of Fame and Industry Pioneer recipients in Tampa, Florida. These individuals were selected by the OABA’s Board as being worthy of becoming industry legends.   

     The OABA recognized Industry Pioneer Denny Bartosik, highlighting his career achievements in the development of new, innovative games, trailers and LED lighting, which has revolutionized the amusement industry. His LED lighting packages have provided ride owners, concessionaires and others with programmable light displays that have added to both the appeal and the promotion of carnival midways and amusement rides. His most recent accomplishment was lighting the world’s tallest portable wheel, owned by Michael Wood and Frank Zaitshik, which debuts at the Florida State Fair.  Bartosik’s business is located in Nokomis, Florida.    

     Hall of Fame 2017 recipient OABA Senior Vice President Al DeRusha, having served the OABA for 27 years, was recognized by the Board of Directors for his dedication and creativity with membership, advertising, sponsorship and fundraising over the years. After growing up in the carnival games business, where he met his wife of 62 years, Marlene, his life took a turn to the colorful world of wrestling and sports television career, meeting many celebrities along the way. His primary focus with the OABA has been and continues to be raising funds through OABA Jammin’ Jamborees with many carnivals in the U.S. and Canada each season. With the assistance and participation of everyone at a jamboree, carnivals have raised over $4 million for the OABA that benefits OABA’s legal and government advocacy programs, protecting our members and their generational family businesses. Al is thankful and he feels blessed to be a part of this exciting, fun-filled event.  

     Hall of Fame recipient for 2017 attorney Wayne Pierce, owner of the Pierce Law Firm in Annapolis, Maryland, has worked tirelessly, supporting many different segments of the amusement industry, ASTM F 24 Committee and with industry training and safety programs such as NAARSO, AIMS and PA Showmen’s Safety certification programs. As a sole practitioner, his amusement legal practice has helped insurers, associations and government agencies to insure the highest level of rider safety and limit frivolous lawsuits. His reputation as the “good guy lawyer” is well respected and he’s sought after by many mobile amusement industry H-2B stakeholders, lobbyists and the OABA leadership to protect and defend when confronted by labor activist groups, the Department of Labor, USCIS and Department of State. 

     The OABA board congratulates these well-deserved amusement industry legends on their recognition as Hall of Fame and Industry Pioneer recipients.   





  • Fri, March 17, 2017 4:37 PM | Kristin Shenk

    H-2B Cap Hit!  

    Act Now to #SaveH2B

    Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that the 33,000 H-2B cap for the second half of fiscal 2017 was reached on March 13.  According to DHS, March 13, 2017 is the "final receipt date" for H-2B worker petitions for fiscal year 2017. The "final receipt date" is the date on which USCIS determines that it has received enough cap-subject petitions to reach the annual limit of 66,000 H-2B workers. The following petitions are exempt from the cap:

    Current H-2B workers in the U.S. petitioning to extend their stay and, if applicable,   change the terms of their employment or change their employers;

    Fish roe processors, fish roe technicians and/or supervisors of fish roe    processing; and

    Workers performing labor or services from November 28, 2009, until December 31, 2019, in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands and/or Guam.

                                                    What Can You Do?

    This is a long list but we hope all H-2B employers will do each of the items below to help compel quick Congressional action!

    ·      Call your Senators and Representative and ask them to pass the H-2B returning worker exemption or other cap relief immediately. If you do not know their direct numbers, you can reach them through the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 225-3121.  Once connected to the office, ask to speak to the person who handles H-2B issues and stress the immediate need for cap relief. Congress must understand that failure to pass prompt cap relief will result in American job losses.

    ·      Encourage your employees, co-workers, customers and suppliers to also call their Senators and Representatives. Without H-2B workers, American jobs are at risk, companies may not be able to fulfill obligations to customers and they may scale back on purchases of equipment and supplies.

    ·      Set up meetings locally or in Washington, DC with your Senators and Representative. Schedule a meeting with your elected officials in their Washington, DC or district offices and stress the importance of immediate cap relief. You can also reach out to your trade association or H-2B provider to talk about scheduling group meetings.

    ·      Email your Senators and Representative.  Stress the immediate need for cap relief. Please be as specific as you can about the role this program plays in your business and how the company and its American work force will be negatively impacted by the cap.  Congress must understand that failure to pass cap relief will result in American job losses.

    • Email us a quote about the impact of the cap on your business and your American workers.  We would like to catalogue as many stories as possible out the impact of the cap of your company, your workers and your customers.  For example, will you lose contracts, need to lay off American workers, or turn away business?  Any specific estimates about financial loss are especially helpful. Please understand that the quotes you provide will be shared with lawmakers or share on the H-2B Workforce Coalition’s FaceBook page.  Please email your quotes to: sbuchalter@dclrs.com.

    ·      Create and tweet a personal video at your elected officials.  See below for more details.

    Important H-2B Twitter a Campaign – Your Videos are Needed!

     Tweet at a video at your Senators and Representative using #SaveH2B. You can find their twitter addresses at: https://twitter.com/verified/lists/us-congress/members.   

    We hope that all H-2B users will use their mobile phones to create a 30-60 second video urging Congress to address the H-2B Cap.  Please tweet the videos directly to your lawmakers and include #saveH2B.  The H-2B Workforce Coalition will also share some of the videos on our Facebook page.  Please include the following information in your video:

    ·      Your Name;

    ·      The city and state where your business is located and the geographic area that the business serves;

    • ·      A statement about the specific impact of the cap on your business such as the inability to fulfill a contract, loss of revenue, potential layoffs of American workers, the need to cancel planned equipment or supply purchases, etc.

    ·      A direct appeal to your lawmakers to work with your party leadership to pass H-2B cap relief immediately.

    ·      Remember the goal is to keep these videos under 60 seconds.

    Thank you for all you are doing to #saveH2B!


    H-2B Workforce Coalition Co-Chairs


  • Fri, March 10, 2017 4:52 PM | Kristin Shenk

      OABA’s Board Elects New Officers and Members Elect New Directors 

     Chair Tom Gaylin, presided at the recently held OABA board meeting and 52nd Annual Member Meeting in Tampa, Florida. The Board voted to advance the following Officers through the chairs, E.J. Dean to Chair 2017, Jay Strates to First Vice Chair, Larry Yaffe to Second Vice Chair and Debbie Powers to Third Vice Chair, having served the OABA as a Director since 2010. The Board also voted to retain Mitchell Kaliff, as Treasurer.

    The following Directors were re-elected by eligible, voting members attending the 52nd OABA Annual Meeting, to continue to serve two-year terms, as nominated by the Board: Brad Dahlman, Andy Deggeller, Michael Doolan, Stacey Jamieson, Blake Huston, Ben Pickett, Scott Siefker, Greg Stewart, Mary Chris Smith and Rob Vivona. In addition, the members elected the former Directors-at-Large, to serve as Directors: Stephen Broetsky, Mary Johnson and Lance Moyer. The total Directors serving the OABA and its members totals twenty-four.

    In addition, new Directors-at-Large were named to serve the OABA, included: Bobby Hauser, Nathan Janousek, Tammy Kissel, Niki Skerbeck and Charlie Smith

     In addition, Trustee Mike Featherston, who has served the OABA for the past fifteen (15) years, stepped down as an Officer on the Executive Board and was honored by Chair Gaylin at the Annual Meeting.

     In coming Chair Dean, expressed to the OABA members at the Annual Meeting, “These OABA Officers and Directors have stepped up to represent you, our members and are among the finest leaders in this industry. They have pledged to make a difference for future generations to follow, in the mobile amusement industry.”

    For over fifty (50) years, the OABA has represented the mobile amusement industry as the largest trade association, in North America, consisting of carnivals, circuses, food/game concessionaires, independent ride owners and others, such as manufacturers and suppliers serving this industry. Its Mission: To promote the preservation and growth of the outdoor amusement industry through leadership, advocacy and education.



  • Wed, February 01, 2017 1:22 PM | Kristin Shenk

    The Outdoor Amusement Business Association, (OABA) recently recognized the following members as meeting some of the highest standards of safety, quality and service in the outdoor, mobile amusement industry, having recently achieved the coveted OABA’s Circle of Excellence recognition for the years 2016 through 2020. This recognition was presented at the IAFE Awards Gala, on Wednesday, November 30th , in Las Vegas. 

    Carnival Recipients
    GoldStar Amusements* - Mike & Connie Featherston
    Mighty Midway & Kidway* - MN State Fair
    Ray Cammack Shows* - Guy & Charlene Leavitt
    Strates Shows – James E. Strates 

    Concessionaires & Attractions Recipients
    Alamo Amusements* – Patrick Sheridan
    Armstrong Concessions – Gary Armstrong
    Australian Foods* - Carmel Dyer
    Bishop Amusement Rides* - Jim & Nancy Bishop
    Cassata Concessions* - Tony Cassata
    Cavallaro Concessions – David Cavallaro (New Recipient)
    Fun Biz Concessions – Nathan Janousek (New Recipient)
    Giant Slide* - Fred Pittroff
    JoyRides Inc. – Joyce Hutchins (New Recipient)
    Lee’s Concessions – Mike & Connie Featherston
    Lopez Concessions* - Chris & Jody Lopez
    Mad Hatter Concessions* - Michael & Kristin Ousey
    Morton Concessions* - Bill & Deborah Morton
    Netterfields Popcorn & Lemonade – Ron & Kim Netterfield
    Odyssey Foods* - Dominic & Kim Palmieri
    Ribco Enterprises – Brad Ribar
    Schroder Concessions – Brad Schroder
    Showtime Rides – Nick Pelino
    Sixth Generation Rides – Bryan Creason
    Solem Concessions – Jeremy Solem (New Recipient)
    State Fair Services* - Mike Demas
    T.J.’s Ice Cream – Rob & Tassie Jundt
    Trinity Concessions – Ben & Joy Pickett
    Wood Entertainment – Michael Wood 

    Through independent, third-party audits and criteria established by the OABA’s Excellence Committee, these members scored highly and exceeded generally accepted industry practices and standards in their midway presentation, operations, concessions, human resources, and other criteria, to improve the overall public perception of their business. This program brings into play the fundamental principles of the OABA’s Foundation for the Future program, which is a strategic vision and an ambitious set of industry goals, with the purpose to educate and produce change. As members of the OABA’s Circle of Excellence, these companies have improved the business climate and guest satisfaction for their fairs, festivals and other event sponsors, while enhancing the public’s perception of the mobile amusement industry. 

    Please join the OABA’s Board of Directors as well as the IAFE's Board of Directors in recognizing them for this extraordinary achievement. These companies continue to strive for operational excellence and the highest level of guest satisfaction in the mobile amusement industry. 

    The OABA is the largest industry trade organization representing members of the mobile amusement industry, primarily in the United States and Canada, for over 50 years. Serving over 2,500 members in this generational, family industry of carnivals, food and game concessions, independent ride owners, and the circus industry, the OABA provides educational programs, promotes and advocates on behalf of the mobile amusement industry, and provides members with up-to-date communications via publications, electronic news and social media networks on relevant, news worthy topics of interest.

    # # #  

  • Wed, December 14, 2016 4:34 PM | Kristin Shenk

    Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity Members and others interested in changes to the overtime rules,

    Here is the latest overview of where the overtime regulation stands, and some thoughts about what might be coming in the New Year.


                    As you know, the regulation is currently blocked by a preliminary injunction (PI) issued by U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant on November 22.  The federal government has filed to appeal this PI to the 5th Cir. Ct. of Appeals and their motion for expedited consideration has been granted.  Under that request, the last briefs will be due January 31 with oral arguments to follow at a yet to be determined date, with a decision after that.  The key point is that this appeal will carry over into the Trump administration and the new administration will have to decide whether to continue with the appeal (i.e. defending the regulation), or abandon the appeal and let the injunction stand.

                    Still pending before Judge Mazzant is the business groups’ Motion for Summary Judgment.  If Judge Mazzant grants this motion, it would result in a permanent injunction and moot the appeal of the PI, forcing the government to reinitiate an appeal of the permanent injunction. Obviously, such an appeal would also carry over into the Trump administration.

                    The AFL-CIO will be petitioning to intervene in the case at the District Court level. This is a petition that must first be granted by the judge, and would not alter the underlying legal posture of the case—the PI would remain, and the arguments would not change. The only impact is that if the Trump administration does not continue the appeal, there would now be a party who could.


                    While the House adjourned on Thursday, pro forma sessions have occurred, which means the opportunity to subject the overtime regulation to Congressional Review Act consideration in the next Congress (under the CRA, if a house of Congress adjourns before the 60 legislative day for consideration of a regulation expires, that regulation may be taken up in the next Congress within a 45 legislative day window) is still fluid. 

                    One question that will have to be addressed if a CRA resolution is possible is how to handle the CRA’s prohibition on the agency issuing a regulation that is in “substantially the same form.”  The CRA provides that such a regulation can be issued only if Congress enacts specific authorization after the resolution of disapproval.  What exactly constitutes a substantially similar regulation is unclear as this phrase has never been tested.  Any legislation specifically authorizing a new regulation would have to move without the privileged procedure of a CRA resolution. It could also include specific provisions such as blocking any regulation that included an automatic update.

    Incoming Trump Administration

                    When the new administration takes office after January 20, this regulation will be one of the first items with which it will have to deal.  As noted above, the most immediate question will be whether to continue defending the regulation though the legal appeal process.  If the new administration declines to continue the appeal, it would no longer be a party.  If the AFL-CIO (or another outside party) is granted intervenor status, the appeal would continue to some final resolution.  If no other party is granted intervenor status, and the government declines to pursue the appeal, then the injunction would stand and the regulation would remain blocked.

                    If the regulation is permanently enjoined, then the next question faced by the new administration would be whether to pursue a revised overtime regulation.  While Secretary of Labor nominee Andrew Puzder has spoken out strongly against the Obama Administration overtime regulation, we do not yet have any indication about what approach the new administration would take with regard to a new overtime rulemaking.

    Bottom line: the rule is blocked from going into effect until further notice.  Any change in that status cannot come until sometime in February at the absolute earliest, and likely later than that.   There are no signals yet as to how the incoming Trump administration will respond to the legal challenge, or whether it will pursue a new regulation. 

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