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Animal Legislative Update from Vanessa Gagne

Thu, July 30, 2020 3:25 PM | Sue Gallup (Administrator)

From the desk of Vanessa Gagne  
July 30, 2020


The Jay Owenhouse tiger show in Las Vegas prevailed last week and we all collectively heaved a sigh of relief - that was until PeTA and their fervent followers found a stipulation where if enough public outcry could be put together, the decision could be overturned after seven days! Yesterday the appeal was heard and Mr. Owenhouse and his tigers will be able to perform for audiences on The Strip next year.

Federal Legislation Introduced to Ban Greyhound Racing, Live-Lure Training (Note: This is an AR publication)
At no surprise to those that followed the Florida Greyhound racing ban, which took out a majority of the country’s tracks with one state, now congress is looking to federally ban the practice.

Thousands attend a 'protest against government overreach' at Minnesota rodeo

After postponement, Shrine Circus in Sioux City cancelled

Indianapolis dog breeder prevails against Georgia supplier’s appeal

5000 Burmese pythons have been removed from Everglades, Florida officials say


Canada cracks down on illegal dog importations

Hog-Wild — Sacramento woman keeps up family tradition with show pigs

Animal rights activists in blood-covered vehicle follow semis for 500 miles to ‘expose animal cruelty’

Man picks carnivorous cat over vegan girlfriend   

Online puppy scams increase during pandemic, woman loses thousands   

Cage-free transition financially and logistically impossible

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