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Animal Legislative Update from Vanessa Gagne

Thu, July 23, 2020 4:05 PM | Sue Gallup (Administrator)

From the desk of Vanessa Gagne  
July 23, 2020


Earlier this week I received notification that there would be a hearing in Las Vegas concerning the zoning of a new animal facility that would be built to house tigers for a seasonal show featuring Jay Owenhouse and his big cats. I am happy to report that even with only 36 hours notice, we were able to get CFA members, and even the president, Jan Biggerstaff, to attend and speak on behalf of entertainment using exotic animals. Thank you to all who called, sent letters, and went in person. The result was a vote of 7-0! When I spoke with Mr. Owenhouse, he told me the facility will be home to his tigers for half the year while they are performing on the strip. The $150,000 facility will feature two waterfalls, pools, and climate controlled space for the cats. It’s a win-win all around.

Proposed Quincy animal ordinance defeated on 3-3 Village Council vote Please help educate the Quincy city council members about exotic animal  ownership. Write to: khargreave@quincy-mi.org, acraig@quincy-mi.org, mhagaman@quincy-mi.org, cbassage@quincy-mi.org, mbrand@quincy-mi.org, wsalyer@quincy-mi.org, nloomis@quincy-mi.org

The Joint Planning Commission will revisit the proposed ordinance that was first heard on the 21st of July. If passed, the following would become law: 

  1. a blanket "exotic animal" ban; 
  2. a limit of only four domesticated pets in any one household;
  3. required Zoning Permit to keep any livestock;
  4. Defined restrictions for certain livestock including, but not limited to, horses, sheep, and chickens.  

Thank you to USARK for the update and information.


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Taking a breather! Adorable moment five-tonne elephant has an underwater nap using his trunk as a snorkel at Texas zoo - Last but not least, I have to add this great zoo piece and viral video: it’s my best friend, Christine “Turk” DelTurco, the lead elephant trainer at Fort Worth Zoo, and one of her charges, Colonel. Colonel was the first elephant born at African Lion Safari in Ontario and then moved to Carson and Barnes. He is now a breeding male at Fort Worth Zoo. Turk has worked with elephants for over a decade and is a professional member of the Elephant Managers Association. She got her start working with Scott Riddle at Riddle’s Sanctuary in Arkansas.

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