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Circuses Offer Tents and Equipment to Build Field Hospitals

Thu, April 16, 2020 12:03 PM | Sue Gallup (Administrator)

by Giverny Masso - Apr 15, 2020

Circuses are offering their tents and equipment to help build emergency hospitals in the fight against the coronavirus. 
John Haze, who runs the Circus of Horrors, Circus Extreme and Continental Circus Berlin, said that his three companies as well as other members of the Association of Circus Proprietors have come forward to offer their equipment where needed. 
Haze has approached his local MP and the Crown Commercial Service with the offer of help. 
A press statement from the Association of Circus Proprietors, of which there are 20 members, said that circuses could be repurposed into field hospitals because they are “like mobile villages used to moving quickly from city to city” with mobile accommodation, generators, lighting, dressing rooms and toilet and shower units.  
As well as the Circus of Horrors, Circus Extreme and Circus Berlin, other circuses offering to help include Planet Circus, Zippos Circus, Circus Fantasia and Cirque Berserk.
Haze told The Stage: “The way I looked at it is in the big cities, you’ve got all these big arenas, like the Excel Centre in London and the NEC Birmingham, but in the smaller rural places they haven’t got that facility, and this is where we might be able to help.
“Because we can do it as a whole unit, and get a circus tent there with generators and living accommodation, you could quite quickly erect a structure for them that would be ready to go.”
He added: “The stuff is sat there not being used anyway so if we can find a use for it that helps the country then we’d be glad to do that.”
MPs or health services in need of equipment are advised to contact Haze via email: John@euevents.co.uk

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