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Animal Legislative Update from Vanessa Gagne

Thu, June 27, 2019 3:46 PM | Sue Gallup (Administrator)


The top 3 federal bills pushed by the animal rights agenda to oppose and write your representative about are:

TEAPSPA - HR 2863 - Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act
- This bill is designed to end all traveling animal acts, including educational ones. The list of prohibited animals of course includes lions, tigers, bears, and elephants but also turtles, monitor lizards, and camels. This would be absolutely devastating to thousands of animals and the people caring for them across the United States.

PAST - HR 693 - Prevent all soring tactics act - While no one is supporting the act of horse soring, the way this bill is written would not prevent or help eradicate the practice of horse soring. Instead it would disable the Tennessee Walking Horse industry in the United States by creating more government overreach without any applicability thus rendering USDA inspectors ineffective at regulating the problem. And it doesn’t stop there - it would also affect the Racking Horse and the Spotted Saddle Horse breeds.

PPA - HR 2442 - Puppy Protection Act - This bill, under the guise of instilling stricter animal welfare laws, actually has prohibitive rules written within the standards for housing, temperature guides, among other requirements. It is best left up to dog professionals such as the AKC and others to set these standards, not animal rights groups.

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