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Exotic Animal Legislative Update from Mary Lou Kelly

Thu, April 04, 2019 5:11 PM | Sue Gallup (Administrator)

Mary Lou Kelly Consulting 
Click here for this week's legislative update

California Alert
CA SB 313, the bill to prohibit wild and exotic animals in circuses, was amended on 3/28.  The bill now prohibits "any animal other than a domestic dog, domestic cat, or horse" from being used in a circus. Rodeos are exempted. The updated text is here, and a link is also included in my Pending Legislation chart.  Please alert your supporters to contact the California Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water to oppose this legislation: 

Email: senate.natural.resources@senate.ca.gov 
Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water
State Capitol, Room 5046
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4116
Fax: (916) 323-2232  
On your email to the committee, please state in the subject line "Submitted for the record in opposition to SB 313." The Committee website is: https://sntr.senate.ca.gov/. There are nine (9) members of the committee, but individual emails are only allowed to constituents of their respective districts via online forms.  

Florida Fish & Wildlife Public Meetings Bulletin
The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission released a bulletin on 3/28, stating that the agency will be hosting public meetings to encourage for input on captive wildlife regulations in Florida. Topics will include elephant rides, administrative/applications issues, and public contact/unconfined captive wildlife.  Here is the link to the bulletin, with the scheduled meeting dates and locations: https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/FLFFWCC/bulletins/23a21f7 

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