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ASTM- Ballot Notification Reminder- Closing Aug 13, 2018

Wed, August 08, 2018 3:20 PM | Deleted user

ASTM F24 (18-04) Ballot Reminder - Closing Aug 13, 2018 

Dear OABA and ASTM Members:
Those of you who are members of ASTM F-24 Committee should have received Ballot F-24 (18-03) that contains 34 items, several of which pertain to metal corrosion and fatigue issues.  This ballot is due by the close of business on August 13th.
If you have any questions, please contact Patty Sullivan or Jerry Hyman for advice. 
We know you’re very busy, but the ballots pertaining to metal fatigue, corrosion and fatigue are very important to the mobile amusement industry. 
Thank You!
Robert W. Johnson
President & CEO
Outdoor Amusement Business Association, Inc

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ASTM's records indicate that you have not yet returned the F24 (18-04) Ballot which will close on the web on Aug 13, 2018.

If you have submitted your return within the past two business days, please disregard this notice.

To access the ballot to submit your vote, go to F24 (18-04) (ASTM login is required). All voting members are required to return ballots. Your ballot response is important to the committee in obtaining the required 60% return for a valid ballot. Failure to return ballots may affect your voting status.

You can find all Committee related information, such as Agendas, Minutes, Ballots, Closing Reports and upcoming Meetings from your 'MyCommittees' area.

Please add comserv@astm.org to your address book to ensure delivery of ballot notifications and reminders. Do not reply to this automated email. For web support, contact support@astm.org.

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