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Family Owned Company Stresses Ride Safety at Fair

Thu, October 12, 2017 2:47 PM | Kristin Shenk (Administrator)

PERRY, GA (WALB) - You can't have a fair without rides and attractions. At the Georgia National Fair, there are dozens of rides to choose from for everyone.
All of the rides are triple checked. The operators said safety is the most important thing. It's fascinating, it's awesome, it brings me back to my childhood," said Brian Ashley, who traveled with some of his students from Atlanta to attend the fair. 
Ashley said he forgot how scary some of the rides can be. He laughed and said his students are the ones holding his hand. 

He's one of many adults who brave the rides with young children. 
"It goes really fast. And I like fast and not heights," said one youngster who was attending the fair with his brother and friends. Hanna Elmore attended the fair for the first time with her family. But she said they will only watch her go on the rides. 
"It's fun and it's  scary," said Elmore about the roller coasters at the fair. 
For 9-year-old Kaden Taylor, his favorite rides are the Ferris wheel and ones with loud music. "Music just makes me want to get up and dance," said Taylor. 
Taylor said he has been to the fair multiple times. While he enjoys the rides, he said the best part of the fair is being with his loved ones. "Every year I get to spend time with my family and my family and I get close in relationships," said Taylor. 
But he isn't the only one who associates the fair with family.

" I always came out here as a little kid. It was kind of like your personal amusement park," explained Richard Reithoffer as he looked at kids enjoying the rides. 
Reithoffer is the fifth-generation owner and operator of Reithoffer Shows. The company provides rides, games and food to fairgrounds all over the country.
"It's a really nice and fun way to make a living," explained Reithoffer. "By helping other families have fun and make memories."The company brings in and oversees the setup for the more than 60 rides at the Georgia National Fair.
"We want you to know that when you are out here being hosted by my family, your family is safe," said Reithoffer. Reithoffer said each ride is checked several times.
"We have 10 in-house inspectors that are looking at the equipment as we set it up and all through the week and then a third-party state inspector has to come and certify it's safe and ready for the public and on top of that every ride has a ride-specific inspection sheet that they go through every morning," explained Reithoffer.
He said the ride operators are traditionally the same, so they know the ins and outs of the ride.

And if you happen to go by the Zero Gravity ride, you may see how employees go the extra mile to make sure everyone is having a good time.
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